Thank you Australia
Thanks for voting us Most Trusted DIY Power Tool Brand in 2020
Since 2013, we’ve been voted your most trusted Power Tool brand for 8 years running.

The votes are in!

After the Australia-wide survey was conducted by Reader’s Digest, the votes are in. Thank you for voting Bosch as the Most Trusted DIY Power Tools brand in Australia! We are thrilled that we have earnt Australia’s trust, eight years running. Since winning Australia’s Most Trusted DIY Power Tool Brand in 2013, Australians have continued to vote Bosch as its Most Trusted Brand in DIY Power Tools each year.

We’d like to thank all our passionate DIYers and all those that voted for us in the independent study commissioned by Reader’s Digest. Their study aims to gauge the Australian market’s attitudes towards brands within the market.

Trust is one of our core values here at Bosch, with our founder Robert Bosch himself saying he would ‘rather lose money than trust’. We are humbled to have been voted Australia’s Most Trusted Brand for DIY Power Tools and a highly commended brand in Garden Power Tools 2020.

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