Smart lithium-ion technology.

Strong individuals. Unbeatable team.

From the latest lithium-ion battery through to the quick charger: Every product exemplifies Bosch’s development expertise. All the components are perfectly coordinated with each other – so that you can always count on full power in your projects.

The latest Bosch generation.

In 2003, Bosch launched the first power tools with lithium-ion battery technology onto the market, thus paving the way for a new battery standard. But not all lithium-ion batteries are the same: Optimum power as required – and maximum endurance where it is needed. This distinguishes Bosch tools from comparable tools. They are always ready to use and can be fully or partially recharged at any time.

Another advantage: Bosch cordless tools not only perform better – with their low weight and compact design, they also fit perfectly in your hand.

Bosch – The latest Bosch generation.
Bosch – Perfect coordination of the components.

Perfect coordination of the components.

Only high-quality components are used in Bosch cordless tools. Together they form a perfectly coordinated powertrain, which is controlled and optimised by the Syneon Chip. As a result, Bosch cordless tools achieve the best energy efficiency in their class.

Bosch -
1. High-performance battery.

Delivers electric current (amperes) and voltage (V) for power and speed.

2. Intelligent electronic control system.

Transforms battery current into motor current – intelligently, continuously and in real time. Provides maximum performance, efficiency and the highest torque even when the battery is nearly empty.

3. High-performance motor.

The high-performance motor transforms electric power efficiently into mechanical force – with minimal loss power and long lifetime.

4. Planetary gearbox.

The high-quality planetary gearbox combines efficiency and robustness with compactness and low weight. It translates the mechanical force into optimum torque.

DIYing in comfort.

Whether you are sanding, sawing or drilling: Bosch cordless tools are handy, lightweight and fit perfectly in your hand. This is thanks to the innovative gear housing and the compact design of the lithium-ion batteries, despite their increasing battery capacity. For you this means: Noticeably easier work – even in hard-to-reach areas.

Bosch – PSR 18-2 with NiCd battery
Bosch – PSR 18 Li-2 with 2 Ah lithium-ion battery
Bosch – PSR 18 Li-2 with new 2.5 Ah lithium-ion battery
Bosch – Longer lifetime thanks to electronic cell protection.

Longer lifetime thanks to electronic cell protection.

The unique Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (abbreviated to ECP) protects the lithium-ion battery to provide a longer lifetime. This special electronic module offers:

Protection against overload:

The tool is automatically shut down if there is too much strain on the battery pack.

Protection against overheating:

To prevent the battery from becoming too hot, the electronics intervene when necessary and shut the tool down.

Protection against deep discharge:

Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) prevents deep discharge of the battery, thus protecting it from damage.

Bosch – High-power energy.

High-power energy.

Not all batteries are the same: Lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ion) and nickel cadmium batteries (NiCd) differ in terms of material, manufacturing costs and storage – and much more so in terms of performance, weight and space requirement. In order to achieve the same performance as a lithium-ion battery, an NiCd battery requires three times as many cells. In short: Lithium-ion batteries give you better performance in a smaller size.

Charging requires specialists.

Thanks to its turbo charging principle, a Bosch lithium-ion battery reaches 80 percent of its power after only half of the charging time when charged with the latest Bosch chargers. What’s more: The lithium-ion battery can be removed from the charging station at any time – without being damaged or its lifetime being shortened.

Bosch – Charging requires specialists.
Bosch – 10.8/12 volt charger

10.8/12 volt charger.

The Bosch AL 1130 CV turbo charger for all 10.8/12 volt cordless tools fully charges 1.3 Ah and 1.5 Ah batteries in 35 minutes.

Bosch – 18 volt charger

18 volt charger.

The Bosch AL 1830 CV turbo charger for all 18 volt cordless tools fully charges 2 Ah batteries in 45 minutes.

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