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  • Wallpaper stripper
    • Wallpaper stripper
      Wallpaper stripper Wallpaper stripper

      Power tool for stripping off old wallpaper. Water is heated in the built-in tank. The warm, damp steam soaks and loosens the wallpaper, so that it can then be easily scraped off using a scraper.

  • Watt
    • Watt (W) is the unit of measure for (electrical) power. The power input and power output of many power tools are stated in watts. The watt specification makes it possible to compare the powers of different tools to each other.

  • Wing nut
    • Version of a nut with two flat extensions (wings) that enable them to be tightened and loosened by hand and without tools. The most famous examples are the wing nuts on a bicycle. Wing nuts are (like all nuts) part of a screw joint. Their counterpart is a threaded screw.

  • Wood drill bit
    • Wood drill bit
      Wood drill bit

      There are all different kinds of wood drill bits depending on the application. Here are some of the most common ones:

      Brad point drill bit– A characteristic feature of brad point drill bits is their thin point in the middle of the tip, which is used for centring. Wood drill bits are usually made of a chrome vanadium alloy.

      Auger bit– For drilling deep holes. The centring tip of the drill bit is additionally equipped with a fine auger thread. The wood chips can be removed well from the drilled hole by means of a large flute.

      Forstner drill bit– For producing holes with large diameters, e.g. like those required for fitting hinges in furniture.

      Nailbit– Gimlet with very thin tip for pre-drilling small holes for nails in wood.

  • Wood screw
    • Joining element in woodworking. Thread pitch and thread form are specially designed for driving into and gripping in wood. Wood screws are available with countersunk head, raised head, raised countersunk head, hex head, round head, slotted head and cross head.

  • Wood types
    • Wood is divided into three groups:

      Coniferous wood– Coniferous woods are soft woods. The best-known ones are yew, spruce, pine, larch, fir and Swiss pine.

      Deciduous wood– Deciduous woods are hard woods. The best-known ones are maple, birch, pear, oak, alder, ash, cherry, lime, walnut, poplar and common beech.

      Tropical wood– Tropical woods, such as balsa, ebony, mahogany, rosewood and teak, are highly resistant to environmental influences and are, above all, renowned for their particularly decorative wood structure and colouring. This is why veneers made of tropical wood are predominantly used for manufacturing furniture.

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