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  • Tacker
    • Tacker
      Tacker Tacker

      The tacker is a power tool that can be used to shoot nails, pins or staples into surfaces like a gun. Tackers can be either electrically, pneumatically or battery powered. Hand-operated tackers that shoot short staples are best suited to decoration work.

  • Template guide (copying ring)
    • Accessory for routing. The template guide is clamped together with the router bit. It feeds along a pre-built template and guides the router bit that is connected to it, so that the bit routs the workpiece to the same shape as the template.

  • Thread
    • The thread is cut in the shape of a spiral and enables firm connections that can bear high loads, similar to the cap on a drinks bottle. There are basically two types: outer threads (e.g. for screws) and inner threads (e.g. for nuts).

  • Tongue and groove joint
    • Plug-in connection for several building components especially in woodworking. A groove is cut into a building component, which a tongue with the matching shape fits into. The tongue can be a separate connecting piece or part of a second building component. Tongue and groove joints can often be found in floorboards, panels and parquet. Tiles or awnings can also be connected in this way.

  • Tongue and groove systems
    • Tongue and groove systems
      Tongue and groove systems

      Joints used in wood construction. Tongue and groove systems allow for easy and fast joining of wooden parts, e.g. when laying parquet floors. This is how the joint works: One of the connecting parts has a slot (the groove), the counterpiece of the slot fits into it exactly and looks like a tenon (the tongue). The parts are plugged into each other and usually glued – then the tongue and groove joint is finished.

  • Torque
    • Torque refers to the “turning force” that an electric screwdriver (e.g. cordless screwdriver) develops during screwdriving. Put simply, the torque describes with how much force the screw is driven into the workpiece. You can select the torque in advance on cordless screwdrivers: using the torque setting guarantees material-specific screwdriving without damaging the surface. Low torque is recommended for small screw diameters, high torque for large screw diameters.

  • Triangular sander
    • See delta sander.

  • Turnbuckle
    • Yoke-shaped double nut that connects two eyebolts or clip bolts to each other. The turnbuckle can be tightened to exert several tons of tensile force onto wire or steel cables that are connected to the bolts, in order to tension them.

  • Turnery
    • Turnery is a method whereby a rotating workpiece (usually made of wood) is processed. The workpiece is clamped at two points and rotates around this axis. The rotary motion makes it possible to produce, above all, round shapes.

  • Two-speed gearbox
    • Two-speed gearbox
      Two-speed gearbox

      A two-speed gearbox is often found in drills and impact drills. It has two gears. The gear shift can be used to switch between the two gears. As with a car, the first gear provides low speed and high torque (slow, much force). This setting is perfectly suited to screwdriving and drilling at large diameters. The second gear combines high speed with low torque (fast, little force). It is recommended for drilling at higher speed and for fast driving of small screws.

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