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  • Random orbit sander
    • Random orbit sander
      Random orbit sander Random orbit sander

      The random orbit sander is a sanding tool predominantly used for sanding and polishing surfaces made of various materials, such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, roughcast and paint. The round sanding plate of the random orbit sander is positioned off-centre on the drive shaft and, therefore, performs a random orbit motion and a rotation, enabling it to achieve a high material removal rate and, at the same time, a fine finish. Adjustable control electronics allow for versatile use of the random orbit sander, from sanding through to polishing. The integrated dust extraction of the random orbit sander ensures environmentally friendly and clean working.

  • Rangefinder (digital)
    • Rangefinder (digital)
      Rangefinder (digital) Rangefinder (digital)

      The digital rangefinder is a measuring tool that displays a measured distance digitally. These digital measuring tools work with ultrasound or laser technology. The advantages of digital rangefinders are their accuracy and the time saved when performing measuring work.

  • Rated power
    • The power that a power tool takes from the power source (also called power input). It is stated in watts on the nameplate of the power tool.

  • Reciprocating saw
    • Reciprocating saw
      Reciprocating saw Reciprocating saw Reciprocating saw

      The sabre saw is a power tool for cutting wood, metals and plastics. The sabre saw is very similar to an electric all-purpose saw; the most significant difference is the shape of the two types of saw. The sabre saw is versatile in DIY work because it can also be equipped with other accessories such as rasps, files or brushes.

  • Return spring
    • Elastic component in mechanical systems, which returns moving parts to their starting position after use. Return springs are used not only in machines and tools, but also, for example, in door handles where they pull the handle back up after it is pressed down.

  • Rotary hammer
    • Rotary hammer
      Rotary hammer Rotary hammer

      The rotary hammer is a power tool with rotating accessory, which is suitable for drilling and chiselling in masonry, concrete and stone. In contrast to impact drills, rotary hammers are equipped with an integrated electropneumatic hammer mechanism that, unlike the impact drill, is not dependent on feed pressure applied by the user. For this reason, the impact energy of the rotary hammer is considerably higher in comparison, making it much easier to work on certain materials, especially concrete. Conventional rotary hammers weigh approximately two kilograms. However, they can weigh up to 27 kilograms, depending on the difficulty of the work.

  • Round head screw
    • Joining element in wood, plastic and metal working, characterised – as the name states – by a round (actually half-round) head shape.

  • Router
    • Router
      Router Router

      Routers are versatile power tools. A router is suitable for milling long holes and slots, for edge routing and chamfering, template routing and free-hand routing, e.g. for ornamentation, patterns and lettering.

  • Router bit
    • Router bit
      Router bit

      The router bit can plunge vertically into the material like a drill bit. A cutting edge on the face and circumference side makes it possible to also cut horizontally and, therefore, to cut figures or long holes (slots) out of the material.

Entries 1 - 9 of 9


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