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  • Cable securing device
    • Mechanical clamping device fitted to the handle of DIY garden tools. It prevents the extension cable from being unintentionally disconnected from the tool.

  • Cable strippers
    • A power cable consists of several copper wires that are insulated by a plastic coating. If, for example, you want to connect a power cable to a lamp, you have to remove the insulation because the plastic coating does not conduct electric current. The cable strippers are used to remove the coating on power cables without damaging the copper wires inside them.

  • Cable tie
    • Cable ties fix different power cables to each other. They normally consist of a toothed, thin plastic strap with a looped end, which the tooth strap is pulled through and engages into.

  • Card scraper
    • Hand-held tool for smoothing surfaces made of wood and soft metal. The card scraper is produced from thin spring steel. It cuts off protruding wood fibres and therefore works similar to a planer.

  • Carriage bolt
    • Screw used mainly in woodworking (actually: flat round head screw), which is inserted through the two parts you want to connect and screwed to a locknut. The head does not have a profile for receiving a bit. The connection can therefore only by loosened from the nut side. For this reason, it is especially suitable for fitting door locks and outward fittings.

  • Chainsaw
    • Chainsaw
      Chainsaw Chainsaw

      Hand-guided tool mainly intended for cutting wood. The chainsaw works with a continuous rotary saw chain. It is powered by a petrol-driven motor or an electric motor and is particularly suitable for thick beams and tree trunks. Protective equipment (cut-resistant trousers, protective glasses) absolutely must be worn when working with a chainsaw.

  • Chamfer
    • Chamfer

      As chamfer is a slanted edge on workpieces. Chamfers can have various functions, e.g. improving the visual appearance or increasing the user safety.

  • Changeable battery
    • Changeable battery
      Changeable battery

      When using power tools with a changeable battery, this battery can be removed from the tool to charge it (meanwhile you can continue working with a second battery). There are also cordless power tools with a permanent battery, which cannot be removed from the tool. In this case, the battery is charged in the power tool.

  • Charge level indicator
    • Shows how much energy is left in the batteries in different stages.

  • Charger
    • Charger

      Device for recharging batteries. Chargers and the different charging processes have an effect on the charge time (1–5 hours) and lifetime of the battery. The following applies: The faster the battery is charged, the less strain this puts on the battery.

  • Chisel
    • A chisel is used, for example, to cut stone or a cable duct. The most common chisel types include pointed chisels, flat chisels, spade chisels, gouging chisels, pointing chisels and toothed chisels. Chisels can be clamped into e.g. rotary hammers and chisel hammers; in hand-held use, a conventional hammer is struck against the striking surface of the chisel.

  • Chisel hammer
    • Power tool used for chiselling concrete. In contrast to the rotary hammer, the chisel hammer only performs a striking motion and not rotation. Therefore, it has greater impact force.

  • Chrome vanadium steel
    • Alloy of chrome and vanadium metals. CV steel is used to manufacture accessories, such as drill bits.

  • Circular saw
    • Circular saw
      Circular saw Circular saw

      The circular saw is a power tool used for working on wood. Depending on the application, either bench-mounted circular saws (bench circular saws, sliding mitre saws, mitre saws) or hand-held circular saws are used. Circular saws are particularly suitable for precise rip and mitre cuts.

  • Collet
    • The purpose of a collet is to clamp the accessory (router bit etc.) firmly in the power tool. It has a slotted sleeve in the drive spindle, which holds the clamping shank of the accessory and grips it firmly when the locking nut is closed.

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