Find the perfect tool for your projects.
The new Bosch impact drills.
Choose the tool that's right for you from our extensive range of impact drills. They're compact and easy to use. And now drill even faster thanks to the optimised impact mechanism.

Find the perfect tool for your projects.

Compact yet powerful.

The new impact drills quite literally make light work of drilling. Their low weight and compact dimensions make them easy to handle, while the optimised impact mechanism delivers a faster drilling rate in masonry and soft concrete.

Precise and dust-free drilling

The drilling depth can be determined precisely with the innovative Drill Assistant: Simply insert a dowel or a screw, adjust the tool and a hole with the ideal depth will be drilled in next to no time. A dust box collects the dust directly at the drilled hole, so there’s no need for laborious vacuuming.

Kickback Control

Kickback Control allows you to drill with even greater control and more protection. If the drill tilts in the material and locks, the motor stops within fractions of a second, preventing any uncontrolled kick back of the machine. This reduces the risk of injury to the arm, wrist and shoulder joint considerably. The UniversalImpact 800 and AdvancedImpact 900 impact drills are equipped with Kickback Control.

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